goal for this week

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to start charting out all the things to do in the central valley when its hot out. and scheduling some field trips and other beat the heat ideas for the whole summer.

its HOT now (110 this weekend!) and it sucks the life outta me. (have i mentioned lately how much i HATE living in the central valley in the summer?) so i’ve become lethargic and depressed and unmotivated to do anything. which is NOT conducive to happy children. sitting around the air conditioned house doing basically nothing isn’t going to continue to work. (not that it works now).

i need a plan, and i need one NOW. so this week my goal is to get some “what to do in the heat” info up on fresno family (which i use for my own reference…which is why i created it actually…just a side benefit that others get to reference it too) and start scheduling some field trips specifically with heat in mind (maggie moo’s is the first one i plan to schedule).

i have to turn this summer around. at this rate the summer is going to DRAAAAAAAG…so i have to find some things to do to make it enjoyable for my children (and me!)

so that’s my mission this week!

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