Friendly Parenting

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wow, this site really is making me have some light bulb moments…here’s another quote i just love…something to think about…that i got here:

“If you are fun to be around, if you aren’t critical, controlling and negative, if you truly enjoy your children and life, your children are going to be easy to deal with. They are going to want to hang out with you. They are going to seek you out when they want advice and comfort. They are going to respect and follow your suggestions and your requests most of the time. They will want to become like you.”

wow. i really believe that! i really think that’s dead on! i DO want my children to want to be like me! and i want to be worthy of that!

now i don’t know anything about my sister-in-law’s private dealings with her children…all i know is what i see…but it seems to me that my sister-in-law has this sort of relationship with her children. she seems to really be good friends with them. i have always admired this about her…and her children are all very well-behaved and kind and such…i have often marveled at how she can be so casual and fun and teasing and almost like a sibling to them but at the same time its obvious that it hasn’t had a negative affect…they are not running all over her, taking advantage of the relationship like some people would have to you believe of a family that is friends with their children.

so i really like that quote because it really makes sense. i am going to dig deeper into this joyful parenting website…i think it could really help me with my quest to be more joyful! i’m having lightbulb and “wow” moments over here! 🙂

(incidentally, i do know of another joyful parenting site called “enjoy parenting“…and that’s a good one too, but its often just too deep for me. i love scott, i really do…but often i need something lighter that i can easily wrap my brain around…especially in the middle of the nite, like right now, lol!)

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