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can you say infestation? oh man! we are just overcome with flies in our house! apparently they were hatching in and around the trash pile that my husband hasn’t taken out for days! ARGH. i came into the big room yesterday for something and was shocked by all the flies hanging out on the carpet. i’m not exaggerating, there were HUNDREDS!! it was beyond ridiculous! i spent the rest of the day trying to kill and vacuum as many as i could…but it seemed a losing battle.

adam came home today, after being gone all weekend and killed and cleaned up a bunch more and found hatching larvae. oh joy. cleaned those up. man oh man. this is beyond disgusting! they are still all over but at least its not seeming like such a swarm. i mean, how frigging disgusting is that to have more flies inside your house than outside.

oh i just thought of something…maybe we should have tried to open the windows and let them OUT? LOL!!

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