Finding a way out of the bleh

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Today I woke up still exhausted (despite sleeping ok…better than I have been lately) and just bleh. Depression, overwhelm…the yucks. So after laying in bed for awhile trying to find my energy and drive, I finally got up. I took my ADHD meds and made myself some eggs for breakfast. I’ve learned I REALLY need to make sure I have protein daily now…I just feel awful otherwise. Not eating well lately and I have been feeling it.

I started to feel better moving to the big room (garage conversion where my computer is.) And having fresh air coming in the windows also helped, plus my meds appeared to be finally starting to kick in and give me much needed dopamine. If you’re not aware, ADHD is a dopamine deficiency, among other things. Hence stimulants really help to make me feel more normal. A deficiency of dopamine feels awful.

Then I didn’t yet feel up to doing anything yet, so I went looking on Steam for games on sale…just to get a bit of happy to the start of my day. My husband says doing things like playing video games helps him fill his happy meter so that he can do other things. So true for everyone in this house. I have been trying to keep a close watch on myself lately and listen to what my body needs. Like protein. My body tells me a lot now that I’m older and susceptible to more things affecting me physically…and I’m more aware now that I really need to pay close attention.

Anyway, I found this adorable little game, Carto…currently on sale for just $6.99 on Steam. Quick download and install so it clearly isn’t particularly big, which I needed because my computer has very little space left on it.

Then I started playing and felt like I needed some music while I play…instantly started listening to Richard Marx, which is happy music for me. Takes me back to my last days in Jersey, in the late 80s. Good times. Great feels from Richard, always. I am totally enjoying listening right now, singing along.

So now I had to pop over and post this because I have to say that this has helped SO MUCH! And if you need a cute little game to help you out of a funk, get Carto while it’s on sale! Highly recommend! So cute and fun!

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