FINALLY some good news!

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Our financial situation has been BAD for over a year now…well for years really, but REALLY BAD the past year…and continued to get worse all the time.

Adam’s unemployment ran out, and we were out of options since all his searching for a job in his field have been unsuccessful.

We’ve been on food stamps since the beginning of this year so that has helped us out tremendously, and got government aid to get our mortgage and PG&E up to date. But now we are right back where we were…needing income NOW.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t look for work sooner…it’s because I’ve been an at-home, homeschooling mom since my first baby. I run online businesses (unsuccessfully…no money coming in for years) but had wanted to stay home and be there still for my last homeschooler, who is finishing up high school at home. But things change and needs arise that require sacrifices.

So I managed to get not one but TWO awesome jobs! I haven’t really started either yet…but I’m SO EXCITED! Especially since I’ve had a rough time transitioning back into the world since isolation during the Pandemic. I MISS being around people regularly! But we are all vaccinated and have handled COVID once already, so my worries in this regard have eased considerably. And it’s time for a change for all of us…many good changes.

Both jobs are part-time, and both are jobs I’ve done before and LOVED.

The first one is for the Fresno Discovery Center, where I worked prior to having kids (late 90s) when I first moved to Fresno and kept connections with for many many years. I helped organize the Fresno BabyFest there for 6 years when my kids were little, worked on the Board of Trustees for a number of years, and did a few other events and activities there over the years as well.

It’s a great place and since I worked there it has changed SO MUCH for the better! Barely surviving the Pandemic, it is still cruising along!

So I am soon starting an educator position there again and I’m excited to jump into teaching kids about science again!

The other job is for Barnes and Noble. I didn’t work there before, but I worked nearly a year at Borders Books in the late 90s. And since I’m a total bookworm, and recently I have become even MORE so, being ahead of schedule to complete my goal of 100 books in the Goodreads Reading Challenge this year! This job is just PERFECT for me right now! I’ve always loved working in retail since I like working with people…and books are a no-brainer for me!

Still waiting to hear when I start orientation for BN, but I have already started to observe field trip classes taught for FDC and learning the ropes.

It’s a very exciting new change in my life and I look forward to seeing where this goes from here!

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