Feeling really inspired

I listen to business podcasts EVERY DAY. No joke. Gawd it makes me feel so inspired! I know I’ve yet to accomplish what I’m striving for: financial stability for our family. But I am learning more every day, and I truly believe that we will get there and that all I’m learning from listening to so many fabulous podcasts and experts that host and are interviewed on them regularly truly helps me internalize all this great info.

I can literally feel myself changing.

I honestly feel like I get a little wiser every day and I’m that much closer to finding whatever it is that will enable our family to finally be financially free.

I turn 42 on Sunday and I’ll be damned if I’ll be in this same financial situation in 10 or 20 more years. I am NOT going to reach the final decades of my life and wonder where time went and what the hell I was thinking by not preparing for that time in my life.

No, I am GOING to do better with my life and as such, help make a better future for us AND help my husband, who is busting his butt to support us financially all the time.

I know he keeps telling me to focus on my job, which is educating and caring for our kids and he’ll handle the income…and I love him for that…For being such a fabulous provider. But I know I can also make a difference in our lives as far as our income. There was a time when I did bring in over $500/month…and that doesn’t seem like much but it truly made a huge difference! But unfortunately, advertisers have dropped like flies in recent years and I’m beginning to see that that really isn’t the best direction to go anyway…so I am pursuing another direction now that is really exciting me currently!

No idea where it will lead, but it’s something I’ve learned from listening to all these podcasts: smart, passive income. Do the work once and glean the money for years. And it’s a product that I already have built-in marketing for via our podcast. Win-win!

Also fulfills one of the rules I learned recently: make money from something you’re already doing.

AND I’m following another thing I just learned this week that really struck a chord for me: make the product FIRST, while you are on fire for the idea. Vs putting all energy into website, domain name, graphics, etc (something I’m known for)….do all that stuff AFTER creating the product…because this energy will wane and that stuff will be easier to do w/o this initial fire. And the existence of the product will help to provide fuel when this energy fades.

I love it when I learn something so simple, that just really resonates with me.

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