feeling like hell

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and i know this is probably just the beginning.

you know when you start to get sick, really sick, and the first thing that happens is you have a whole day of aches and headaches. my joints hurt, my head hurts, everything hurts from the top of my head right down to my ankles.

you know the weird part? i kind of see this as an opportunity for a rest! LOL! if i get really bad, adam will have to stay home with me. i’ll have to rest. how sad is that? LOL!

well, time will tell…we’ll see what tomorrow holds. but i’m anticipating a hum dinger of a cold coming on here. i’m overdue…its been a LONG time since i was really sick. i don’t get sick that often so every once in awhile i have to do it right, LOL!

in the meantime…life goes on…babyfest planning, mommying…but my businesses are on hold. have been pretty much for awhile. i’m not even thinking of them, much, these days. i am starting to learn to slow things down. right now is babyfest planning…so that’s the priority…after family, of course. no mommychats. no family palooza. and i’m even putting on hold discovery center ideas right now. not for long…but babyfest is the important project right now. well, after i get better. 🙂

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