feeling better today

yesterday’s post was the result of feeling overwhelmed. the house falling down around me was part of that. so today i’m determined to attack this house with vigor and clean up our home so that we can have a calm place to live again. it really does make a difference. its dramatic, the stress the mess induces in me. i’m guessing everyone else feels it too.

anyway, i’m going to just not think about money woes today and only focus on getting the house in order.

oh and the fliers are going to the schools nearest the discovery center on monday. mary ellen and i spent a couple hours yesterday packaging them into classroom packets for them. i called and got permission to bring them and how many to package up. so that should take care of most of these things. plus mary ellen took the rest of what we had afterwards and is taking them to the halloween stores around town. i have some left still in my tub outside my house if anyone comes by (got one person say they were coming by, so i’m grateful for that! every little bit helps!) and i may even get more made and hit more schools. i think that might be a really good way to spread the word about this event, get it directly into the hands of those that live near TDC. we’ll see.

but anyway, i’m feeling better today and i’m not going to let the stress get to me. going to attack my house with vigor and make things tidy and calm around here. damn it. 🙂

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  1. Tina

    so for so good. bathroom=CLEAN! still have the kitchen and bathroom and laundry to tackle but i have a good start already going on some of them. 🙂 need a lunch break and then back to work! 🙂

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