dreaming of idyllwild

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one of my closest friends moved to idyllwild (i think its like 6 hours south of here?) a couple years ago and it broke my heart. it seriously did! i cried! i was so happy to finally have a dear friend that i could spend hours on the phone with and spend hours in real life with and our kids got along great…and then she moved….

i talked to her recently on the phone (she’s so cool its like no time passes! and when we do get together the kids have a blast…her son is only 6months younger than maeven and her daughter is only 3 weeks older than tyren!) and the weather up there is just gorgeous…only like 80 degrees when we are topping the hundreds! they get snow and she is in the woods and i just want to live there! i want to be near her and i want to have the beauty she has!

i seriously dream of moving my whole family out there. i want to go visit her this summer and see what its like first-hand and get away from this heat…and then once i fall in love with the place i will have to start working on my husband and family to move there.

argh, its a dream that will probably never come true. but i SOOOO wish i could make it happen! i’ll keep dreaming!

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