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good lord, what’s wrong with me? why in the WORLD am i dreaming of brittney spears? i find the whole situation just ridiculous. talk about the saddest pathetic excuse for a mother that i’ve ever heard of…i’m thinking it was really GOOD that her kids were taken from her.

but last nite i dreamt that i knew she was attempting suicide and i found her and rescued her. i had to drag her heavy body to my van…she was semi-conscious…she had tried burying herself alive, i think…not sure…that part is fuzzy for me. i took her back to my work (dunno what that was, but it had lots of people there…i have really bizarre dreams) and because i’m a nobody i managed to keep her away from the paparazzi. nobody paid any attention to me.

i’m not sure what happened next but i know she was very lethargic and sad and i got her changed and a wig and something like that for a disguise. the weirdest part is during all this i felt very sorry for her…really sad for her to feel so lost and tormented. i really felt protective and caring for her. amazing how dreams bring out real emotions so strongly.

that’s so strange because in real life i tend to think she’s a freak out of control who has no clue whatsoever on how to be a good mom. i don’t believe she deserves all the paparazzi buzz but then that’s what you get when you become a celebrity. (something i SERIOUSLY don’t envy…i’ve never really wanted to be a celebrity…i like my anonymity, thankyou! i mean, a little celebrity-ness would be neat…maybe just local…but not like that…not where i would attract paparazzi, NO THANK YOU!) and honestly she is so setting herself up with all the stupidity out in the media eye.

which brings me to partying moms. another thing that i think is so friggin stupid, immature and just plain SELFISH that it makes me disgusted to even have to say it! i don’t get moms that think that partying is ok. i have never even felt comfortable drinking ANY alcohol since i became a mom, but that’s my own quirk…but i don’t believe moms should imbibe to the point of intoxication at all, like ever. but hey, that’s just me. and going out all nite and partying…just plain irresponsible and selfish. going out for the evening with the girls, not getting drunk, just having good clean fun…sure, no problem…going out to clubs and drinking to get snockered and not coming home to your babies at nite or coming back dripping drunk….STUPID and IRRESPONSIBLE. that’s my feelings. i don’t care if anyone disagrees either. i’m entitled to my feelings.

i had my time with alcohol…and maybe later in life after my kids are much much older (they’re only 6.5yrs and 2yrs now) i may have some occasional tipsy time again (it IS, admittedly, quite fun)…but right now my prime responsibility is those children. and being irresponsible and stupid is not on my list of things to do. i think parents who party are still living like teenagers and haven’t matured enough to deserve to be a parent…but oh well…i don’t get a say in the stupid things that other parents do. there’s lots of other stupid things parents do that i don’t have a say in either, LOL! ah well…so there’s my brittney rant. LOL!

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