drama at the swimming hole

so maeven’s been taking swimming lessons from the city parks and rec…they do them for $20 for 2 weeks (30min a day, M-F for 2 weeks) at local high schools. maeven started last year this time in the tadpoles class…at that point never really having spent any time in a pool. just a couple times as a young toddler with me at a friend’s house. i’m not a big pool person. don’t care if i never go in a pool. so i just never really take the time to seek out a pool for my kid, i guess.

oh but she soooo loves it! just like her grandma, she’s quite the little water baby. took to it right away and just loved the class. so this summer i signed her up again…but the next class up was full so she did tadpoles again…i was thinking she could use the review anyway since it had been so long since the last class. then we took a session (2wks) off and i got her into the current session…they had one spot left in the goldfish class and i put her in there. adam takes her every evening after work. he tells me the first day she’s there that they asked the kids to swim halfway across the pool and when they got to maeven she was like “i can’t swim!” so they sent her back to the tadpoles class.

i was just livid when i heard about this. i called to talk to someone in charge and asked at what point are they supposed to teach my kid to swim? she’s already gone through the tadpole class TWICE, and didn’t learn enough to get into the next class, so when exactly were they going to teach her to swim? well anyway someone talked to the instructor for me and told her to work with maeven so the next day i took maeven back to the goldfish class. the instructor was very sweet and really worked with maeven even though she so obviously needs a ton of one on one…she swims like a fish out of water, LOL! splashing around like a maniac and just sinking. too funny to watch. it just cracks adam and i up. but she is determined! man is that little girl determined to keep at it! i’ve never seen her attack something like that ever in her life! she tends to give up if she perceives something as too hard for her…not swimming, no sireebob! my little girl is a trouper, lemme tell ya! she splashes all over and keep sinking and they fish her out and she keeps right at it! LOL! its really comical to watch. and she does it all with a big smile on her face!

man does she love the water! so adam and i decided he’s going to take her to the public pool on saturdays and work with her on practicing some simple swimming techniques…and during the week my mom is going to work with her…either at a public pool or if i can find a friend that will let us use their pool. i know maeven will just love all the time in the water.

its making me remember how much time i spent in the water as a kid. as an adult i could care less about the water but as a kid you couldn’t get me out of it! my mom probably encouraged that…she’s such a water person. she still goes swimming regularly…well she was for awhile there…that’s how she exercises…i think she might be on a break now but she’ll get back to it i’m sure.

i’m happy that maeven will get to have some special time with nana and daddy in the water. i can’t go because they don’t allow babies with diapers in the public pools, even with swim diapers. but if i can find a friend that will let us come over and use their pool i can splash about with him. that will be fun. just need to get a new suit i think…not sure i even have one! its been so long!

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