do know-it-alls REALLY know it all?

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*sigh* this is a personal pet peeve of mine. perhaps because i’ve been bombarded with it pretty much my whole life by a person who shall remain nameless, lol. so i’m very sensitive to the know-it-all, braggy type person. i even have had my moments and struggle with bragginess myself. i am so ashamed when i catch myself falling into that kind of talk…i try very hard to not be like that…i find it so very ugly. but i’m not perfect…it happens from time to time. hopefully not so often that others notice too much.

anyway, there are people i’m forced to interact with in my life that are like this and it really drives me nuts. it makes me want to say to them “don’t you realize how incredibly stupid you make yourself look when you talk like that?” and “don’t you realize you are so completely transparent when you talk like you are the expert on every topic that comes up…it’s so blatantly obvious you are overcompensating for an incredibly low self esteem?” why is it so obvious to the rest of us but not so obvious to the braggarts?

well recently i’ve started going to some parenting classes…and there is one person in particular in one of the classes that is like this that is really so irritating to me that i just really come away from the experience more annoyed than having learned something. i have been to both classes, so those that are reading this that are local to me and know this class won’t necessarily know specifically which person i’m speaking of unless they are as annoyed by her as me and happen to be in that specific class. lol! is that vague enough of me? LOL!

anyway, this person has always been like this as long as i’ve known her and actually its something that is well known about her by pretty much every mom i’ve talked to about it. not that i talk much about it…but when the subject comes up about this particular annoyance…the braggy, know-it-all attitude of this person…i have heard time and time again from others that they notice it too and are also irritated by being around this person. anyway…i guess its just who she is and i don’t suppose it will ever change. but its someone i prefer to not have to be around because of this…it’s just something that irks me to no end and makes me want to shout “shut UP!!!”

i used to work with a person like this…awhile back…and again, it was well known about this person. in fact we had jokes about it….”so do you suppose this person will find a way to squeeze her sky diving experience into the conversation today?” and she usually didn’t disappoint us! LOL! i swear, it was so friggin amazing how many times in a week she would be able to bring up the fact that she went sky diving once! it was so laughable!

she also managed to put a damper on my birthday one time…i couldn’t believe how blatant it was…but she apparently didn’t know…we were spending the day in san fran and my friend and i had spent the day together and this annoying person and another friend of mine had spent the day together separately…we hooked up and were sharing how our day went…so we would talk about what we did and how fun it was and she literally kept butting into our sharing with “oh well WE did this this and this and it was sooooo fun!” on and on and on…it was like out of a movie…everything we did, they did something even better! i finally just blew up! (and those who know me, know that this really doesn’t usually happen with anyone other than family…i’m not a big blower-upper…not with friends) i pointed out how friggin annoying it was thatshe was saying everything we did, they did better…and “happy fucking birthday to me!!!” LOL! everyone was a bit shocked. (oh did i mention i had a potty mouth back then?) LOL!

anyway, i just cannot believe how transparent these braggy people are and just don’t realize it or refuse to face it. they seriously think that everyone can’t tell how insecure they are? how sad for them! what a sad existance.

and for this particular mom i’m talking about today…how sad for her children to be raised by someone with such low self esteem…modelling this sort of behavior as normal and ok…it will certainly make its way into their personalities as well.

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  1. Angela

    OH I hate that too! Isn’t it funny how much we hate certain traits in other people when they are traits that we actually share with them? – I was just listening to that on the Dr. Phil cds. OH am I Knowing-it-all again? LOL!

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