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today i’m doing some serious research on the cost of printing my digital prints. i know i spent WAY more than i needed to, to print it myself (and just a lot of work!)…so i’m going to do some research right now and put it all here, for future reference, and in case anyone else is interested…ok so here goes…i’ll calculate 100, 4X6 prints at all the places i check into, to get a good comparison…

free, unlimited photo storage
cost per print=.15 (.10 if you prepay)
shipping per print=.05 ($4.99, 76 – 100 prints, shipping goes up for less pics, down for more)
total cost per print: .20

free, unlimited photo storage
cost per print=.09 (.08 if you prepay)
shipping per print=.05 (6-195 prints, .49 per 10, price goes down for more prints)
total cost per print=.14

free, unlimited photo storage
cost per print=.12 (for shipped photos, .19 for in-store pickup)
shipping per print=.06
total cost per print=.18

cost per print=.09 (home delivery, more for in-store and 1hr)
shipping per print=.14 (approx…15% of total)
total cost per print=.23

wow! i had thought that walmart was much cheaper…but it appears now that snapfish is!! that’s cool! i liked snapfish. i bought a photo book of maeven’s first year of life there awhile ago. meant to do one for each year of her life, but never got around to it. maybe i’ll look into that next. 🙂 those photo books are really nice!!

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