different look at learning history

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wow, this really made me think:

“School teaches history backward. History classes always start towards the beginning of the story and move towards now. This may be a good way to tell a story, but it is awful for telling history. You start in a place I don’t know, in a time I don’t understand, with people I’ve never heard of. I’m not interested and I’ll tune out. The answer is simple: start with the present and work backwards by asking the question: how did we get here? For one thing, you’ll start in a world that I can easily connect to and associate with. For another, you’ll ask the same question that I’m asking my self: how did we get here? Best of all, I’ll develop a “sense of history” by truly seeing how everything fits in to where we are now. And I probably won’t fall asleep.”

got that here.

here’s another article on the same idea.

hmm…reading the rest of what she wrote about unschooling…i’m really enjoying the idea again…its interesting because the more i read, the more i think “yeah, that’s the way i want to do it”…and then i read something different and think “well that’s good too!” it would be easier if i could find less things i agree with! LOL!!

got me thinking again though…hmmmmm

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