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It’s HOT. Fresno summers are excruciating. Regular triple digits. Though it has been less triple digits in a row this year…it’s still HOT.

My ADHD brain just had to see the temps from this summer out of curiosity…here’s what I found:

A very mild June
Fairly typical scorching July
Weird up and down Aug, but still a lot of HOT
10 day forecast as we go into Sept…dropping temps look promising

And I work at a store part time that has awful, ineffective AC. So I am always quite hot, which makes me physically exhausted. And I’m 52, so my body doesn’t bounce back quickly anymore.

I have 3 days “off” (though I have work from home to do for my other job), and my body needs the rest. Seriously. My body has been telling me…screaming at me lately…that I need to let is recover from the heat and soreness from work. I’m just tired and I usually listen to my body. So I am not jumping up to get on the computer yet to do my work even though I have loads to do. My body needs to rest.

So I am sitting here listening to this fantastic book series I discovered at work…The Unwanteds. And playing one of my favorite game apps, a jigsaw puzzle game.

This one:

My absolute favorite puzzle app! Well worth upgrading to get rid of ads!

It helps me relax and rest.

I need it.

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