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check out my boy’s curls:
everywhere we go EVERYONE comments on his curls! everyone says how cute they are, how they love them, call him “curly” and other such nicknames…so funny! i mean EVERYONE! its insane how much people notice his curls and have to comment on them! actually its very similar to how many people used to always comment on maeven’s blue eyes. they don’t seem to comment as much these days, but maybe its just cuz she’s older now…not an adorable toddler anymore. i suppose the same thing will happen when tyren gets older…the comments on the curls will drop off.

anyway its amazing to me how much hair he has now! considering how not that long ago he had a LOT less hair!
here’s how the progression of tyren’s hair has gone:

apr ’06–

The Great Baldini, 9mos

Oct ’07–


may ’08–

2 and 1/2 yrs

Nov ’08–


pretty amazing how its just exploded lately!!

he got his first haitcut from my mom on thanksgiving:

before that he had these little clumps of hair that were his birth hairs that were super long compared to the rest of his hair…so long we often put his hair in a ponytail:

now his hair is more consistent though, and so i doubt we could get it in a ponytail again at this point. but it will grow! i really want his hair to grow long like his daddy’s. he used to ask to have his hair in a ponytail “just like daddy”, LOL! looking forward to being able to do it again. it looked really cute!

anyway, my little baldini’s hair is finally exploding with growth…so i suspect he’ll be a “long haired freaky people” just like daddy in no time. 🙂

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