choked up today

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today is martin luther king, jr’s birthday. so i got some books on him and his life. unfortunately only one picture book came in so far…and one longer book that is too much to sit and just read to maeve (she’d never stay interested)…hoping more of the picture books come in this week…

anyway so we’re reading MLK’s story today and i got all choked up! seriously, i canNOT believe that this country of mine could ever be so absolutely horrid!!! i mean, i believe it but it STILL shocks me!!! doesn’t it shock you??

i was reading about MLK to my daughter…her first time hearing about him, i believe…and i was really hit hard by what he did for us! he seriously was a HERO!

and then, the comparison some people are doing with obama. i get it. sure, its not exactly the same…but perhaps we’ll see some degree of similar change in the next 4 years. there’s so much hope in the country right now. its really wonderful to be a part of!

and *I* can proudly tell my children that *I* helped make history happen! because *I* voted for obama! and i’m very proud of that! i’m proud to have been a tiny piece of history! it just occurred to me that that is what i did and it really makes me feel good!

oh there is so much hope in the air in this nation right now…i really think this is going to be a fantastic time to be an american!

tomorrow we get our first african american president. it was only a little more than 45 years ago that MLK made is “I have a dream” speech in washington D.C. …isn’t it just AMAZING how far our country has come in such an incredibly SHORT TIME??? a black man as our president, just 45 years after MLK’s fight for equal rights for blacks!!! how unbelievable is that???

what else is going to happen? what else will i live to see? what will my kids live to see? the possibilities are just endless! this really is an amazing country! we learn from our mistakes and we move on to bigger and better things…i am really proud to be an american today. 🙂

oh gosh, choked up again!

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