Sick thoughts

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Laying in bed, sick with a cold, listening to Pandora on my phone. I plugged in Kenny Loggins, one of my favorites, and it started with his heart wrenching, but oh-so-lovely “Forever”…not a song that reminds me of anything in … Continued

An old email

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Very weird. I just found this email (below) in the archives on my gmail account when searching for something else. Very cool to read all these details about my life 6 years ago!!——————————SUBJECT: Tyren’s ONE!Date: 7/6/06 Hi everybody! I thought … Continued

more reminiscing…

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i’m going to change the subject from my current life for a bit…i have had a lot of opportunities to do some major reminiscing lately, due to reconnecting with old friends of high school and college days… recently i’ve been … Continued

random reminiscings

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i’ve been finding a ton of old friends on facebook lately…my friends list is getting really big! and the vast majority of them are people i have known in real life! this is making me do a lot of reminiscing. … Continued


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i recently read this article about okinawan mothering, and it got me thinking about my time in okinawa. my dad was in the navy when i was growing up and was stationed on okinawa when i was in 7th-9th grade. … Continued

SCICON memories

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i recently was singing the song “pizza man” to maeven and tyren and it made me get out the SCICON video (the video which brought adam and i together…we met because he came to SCICON while i was working there, … Continued

on this day in 1995

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i thought it would be neat to dig out some of my old journals (i’ve been a journal writer for YEARS and have BOXES of filled journals) and find entries from this exact day of the year in past journals… … Continued