Easter funny

I just found this in my blog drafts…I apparently had written this up really quick on Easter so I wouldn’t forget it…then forgot to post it, woops!  Well, here it is…better late than never!! An Easter funny for your enjoyment: … Continued

“It” humor

OMG! My daughter (17yrs) is hilarious! She has her dad’s sense of humor… We were just discussing the movie IT…something she’s really wanting to see, the new one…and how I loved the 90s version until the end…when we (all my … Continued

My hot husband

I just have to share another comedic moment in the Smith household…just overheard: Adam (my husband), talking to my daughter: We’re out of lemon and lime juice and Mommy won’t go get more. Maeven: Why don’t YOU go get more? … Continued

Hot dog fingers

Tyr was scratching my back on Mother’s Day and Adam wanted a back scratch too, so he told Maeven to go scratch his back…his reaction: “No! She has no fingernails! That’d be like rubbing 5 hot dogs on my back!”