surprisingly accurate

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i just read this article here. now, i know that this is a spoof newspaper. but i find it amusing that the info in this article is surprisingly accurate to my view on compulsory education! LOL!! interesting.

great quote!

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got this from a homeschool group i’m on where they are discussing the parade poll about whether or not parents should have a teaching credential to be able to teach their own children: “…for people to assume that they can … Continued

soooooo sad!

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i just received the link to this article on my local homeschool group and i find it so incredibly sad!! see now THAT is just the sort of thing i’m going to avoid by homeschooling. its just absolutely insane what … Continued

academics in toddlerhood????

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oh my goodness! i just stumbled upon a children’s class detailed on a website (i won’t say where or who it is) that just really had me aghast. their toddler class…1-2yr olds…tyren qualifies age-wise but he’s not walking yet and … Continued

more about enki

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i just can’t say enough about this curriculum. i feel like its changing my life, literally. its really an amazing thing. when you think of curriculum you think: teaching kids to read, do math, science, history, that sort of thing. … Continued