what to do in this heat?

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seriously things are bad around here. it was 112 yesterday! i’m not surprised. we didn’t even attempt to leave the house. we’re watching videos and playing on the computer far too much for my liking…but really, there’s not much else … Continued

why do some people make no sense?

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seriously, its starting to really perplex me. some people post really unintelligible posts on twitter and facebook. like they’re high or something. or like they THINK they are being deep but to some of us they just sound like they … Continued

feeling like hell

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and i know this is probably just the beginning. you know when you start to get sick, really sick, and the first thing that happens is you have a whole day of aches and headaches. my joints hurt, my head … Continued

bear with me

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something’s wrong with blogger, apparently…because it won’t let me edit the font colors on my blog. i put a new template up and i need to edit the font colors to match the new template and it won’t let me! … Continued

nasty cold

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well actually the cold is just a normal cold. what makes it nasty…and this happens EVERY time i get a cold now…is the asthma kicking in. coughing up a lung each and every time i catch cold gets really old. … Continued


found out today that we will no longer be able to afford maeven’s art classes. 🙁 i’m SOOO bummed! the place we’ve been going for about 4 years now is truly awesome, but very pricey…i had a deal with the … Continued