Finding a way out of the bleh

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Today I woke up still exhausted (despite sleeping ok…better than I have been lately) and just bleh. Depression, overwhelm…the yucks. So after laying in bed for awhile trying to find my energy and drive, I finally got up. I took … Continued

Another day of BLEH

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It’s one of those days where I can’t seem to get motivated to start and I just feel like BLEH. Which is strange because at the same time I still feel really fired up about my project and how much … Continued

Trying to get my brain to work

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It’s the first day of 2021 and yesterday we got our stimulus check direct deposited to our bank account so we were able to catch up on some bills and I was able to buy some things we’ve been needing … Continued

Like my new desk chair?

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My desk chair broke. It kept leaning further and further back and then I discovered that there is a crack in the metal piece underneath and needs to be replaced because the back metal part just keeps sliding into the … Continued

Today is BLEH

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I’ve been working on this site so that I can finally start blogging on it. I even imported all my old Blogger posts and got the homepage looking the way I want it. Then last night I got a migraine … Continued

Depression sucks

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Seriously. I don’t like this feeling. I rarely feel like this, and I imagine it’s brought on by that time of the month, so it should be temporary. But I just do not do well with this icky feeling. I … Continued