can i just brag on my little girl?

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so remember that i made the rule that the kids cannot have any computer time unless they do their chores? well, for awhile they have decided they didn’t want computer time. little stinkers! but recently (and i had a feeling this would happen, given time), maeven has decided that she really does want to play again.

so lately she’s been doing ALL her chores (completely of her own volition, not any word from me). that gets her one hour on the computer. apparently one hour isn’t enough for her, so she created a second list of chores (which i approved) to enable her to get another hour of computer time, and she’s been doing that as well! all completely without any adult intervention or urging.

i have to just say that this rocks! she’s been doing more housework around here than me! LOL!

what sort of chores, you may ask? a LOT of laundry, for one. she is very good at doing laundry, thank heavens, because it helps me out a LOT! sweeping, picking up toys, cleaning off the kitchen table (which is usually a wreck, but lately its been nearly spotless thanks to maeven!) picking up clothes off floor, cleaning off bathroom counter (another thing that is often trashed, but not lately!) …she seriously ROCKS!!

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