found out today that we will no longer be able to afford maeven’s art classes. :(

i’m SOOO bummed! the place we’ve been going for about 4 years now is truly awesome, but very pricey…i had a deal with the original owner for free classes in exchange for advertising her biz on my local family website. then she sold it and the new owner offered me a deal where i could get every other session free… after doing this where we skipped one session (the one we didn’t get free), i came up with the idea to do half price all the time and she agreed. i just couldn’t see maeven having to have gaps in her art education like that. sessions were typically 8-10wks. so that went on for about 3yrs i think. half price. it was wonderful! and maeven adored her teacher, who also is the owner. and i loved it because for a change i found a place that really was in sync with my very opinionated views on art experiences for children! LOL! (i’ve been to art experiences around town and most all have been just crap.)

well i found out today that she can no longer do the half price deal and now we’d have to pay full price. i calculated it out and the full price for one art class next session is $25.83!!! ay yi yi!!! WAY out of our budget! even at half price we were scraping to come up with the money for it. i don’t even have health insurance, but i was finding money for my daughter’s art classes. well, sadly, we cannot do it anymore. not for that price. :(

i’m really bummed!

looking into other options but i don’t have a lot of faith that i’ll find any other program that will fit my philosophy so well. hoping i can find something that is “good enough” though. looking into it.

i’m just in shock over here over those prices though….guess the program is aimed at those with higher income. i had no idea we were so lucky getting the classes for what we were! that explains why none of our friends ever went. they’re all pretty poor like us! *sigh* it sucks. ok we’re not REALLY poor, but lower middle income, i’d say. i guess that’s the price we’re paying for me to be able to be home and give our children a quality education. minus the fabulous art program now, unfortunately. now i have to add art experiences to my FULL schedule of things to do for maeven. *sigh* like i don’t have enough to do. i was really glad to have that one subject pretty well covered and just providing her supplies to do free art at home whenever she wanted. that class gave her the diversity of new experiences and supplies we didn’t always have here. ah well. maybe i’ll find an alternative we can actually afford. we’ll see.

  1. Tiffiny

    What in the world were you doing up at 1:28 in the morning?!!!! I think I may have been up, but only to make my second trip to the bathroom. ;)

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