building up our immune systems

just came back from whole foods, where i spent a veritable fortune on illness prevention. but i think it will be worth it if it works. found out that yesterday we were all exposed to not 1, not 2, but 3 sick people (2 of which were running a fever during our exposure).

before i go further…i must note that i do hope all are well soon, and i especially feel for the mamas & daddies dealing with the sick little ones right now…that’s so not fun. 🙁

anyway, normally this wouldn’t really be a huge deal to me, being exposed. because frankly, its just life, ya know? i am not one to stress too much over my kids being exposed….not that i like it either, but hey, that’s life, it happens.

no, the thing here is that our closest friends are unavailable to us if we are sick, or if we think we may get sick. this is because the family has to stay completely infection free because grandpa (the mom’s dad) is undergoing chemotherapy and anything they are exposed to, he could be exposed to and could literally kill him. and since the mom is spending hours every day with her dad, helping care for him, it is quite serious that we do not at all even possibly expose anyone in the family to any sort of illness.

why this is more of an issue right now is that tyr was recently ill. a very mild cold, but we stayed away for nearly 2 weeks while i waited for his symptoms to go away completely and we were really looking forward to next week being able to play with them again, after a 2 week separation, since he’s finally showing no symptoms anymore. this is maeven’s best friend and she misses her a lot right now. 🙁

*sigh* well, such is life. shit happens and all that. i’ll cross my fingers that the echinacea, elderberry and vitamin c i just stocked up on manages to build up all our immune systems so that we don’t develop any symptoms and we will still be able to play with our friends next week. its worked quite well in the past for us. i’ll hope it comes through for us again. 🙂

i’ve been researching it on the web and it looks like the common cold and flu usually have a 2-5 day incubation period. and some symptoms can show up as quick at 12 hours after exposure. so i figure by next wednesday if none of us have any symptoms, we’re probably ok. we normally go to play over there on mondays, but its not the end of the world if we go on a later day in the week, just to make sure we don’t expose anyone to anything.

found out this morning that one of the sickies was in emergency last night with croup, so i researched croup as well…seems to have the same info as far as incubation period and the emergence of symptoms.

anyway, on a different note…i was out of lotion (i get seriously dry skin during the winter) and really wanted to get some more lavender lotion but found that the body shop no longer makes it so i looked for something at whole foods and found a lotion that actually smells like lavender! yay! you know how hard it is to find something that says its lavender scented that actually smells like real lavender? pretty hard, i tell ya! this has lavender essential oil in it so it really smells like lavender! ok well it made my day, LOL!

anyway, jen, if you’re reading this…we’re pounding the echinacea (with elderberry, which i’ve read is good against flus) and vitamin c and building our immune systems and i’ll let ya know how it goes! 🙂

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