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i don’t even know what led me to this but i’m surfing the net tonite and for some reason i ended up finally finding the quote by jada pinkett-smith (will smith’s wife) about embracing will’s first wife as his son’s mother:

>>>>As a child of divorce herself, Jada didn’t want Will’s first son Trey to feel torn between two households. Jada deliberately included Will’s first wife into her family circle.

“I refused to have Trey feel like a stepchild. He is not from my body, but he is a huge part of my spirit and my soul,” Jada says. “And I wanted him to feel like he was a part of this circle. In order to do that, I had to make his mother part of this circle, because your mother is your pulse to the world. Your mother is your everything. How can I truly appreciate and love Trey without embracing his mother?” <<<<< (found it here)

is that not the coolest thing? i absolutely LOVE will and jada. but that just blew me away when i saw that on an oprah interview with will and jada awhile back.

i am not divorced nor have i ever dealt with it as a child (my parents will have been married 40 years this year)…so i know i have NOOOOO idea what it is like to feel all the feelings that go with divorce, in any role. but i have seen on tv and heard about in real life so many people that are just plain ridiculous in regards to their children in their divorce. the hurtfulness is just sickening.

when i read that about jada i just thought “wow! everyone who ever gets divorced should read that and think about that.”

oh i know that that would be really hard to do if the ex is a psycho bitch from hell. and i know they are out there! but wow, to put such a priority on the child…how friggin cool is that???

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