A day off

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On my days off…true days off…the days that I don’t have other commitments like doctor’s appointments or meetings…I try to get a lot of work on my personal projects done. And housework. I’m best in the morning. Which is weird … Continued

Finding a way out of the bleh

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Today I woke up still exhausted (despite sleeping ok…better than I have been lately) and just bleh. Depression, overwhelm…the yucks. So after laying in bed for awhile trying to find my energy and drive, I finally got up. I took … Continued

Days off

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It’s HOT. Fresno summers are excruciating. Regular triple digits. Though it has been less triple digits in a row this year…it’s still HOT. My ADHD brain just had to see the temps from this summer out of curiosity…here’s what I … Continued

I’m really a mom

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I was going through some old journals of mine tonight, looking for something, and I came across this entry that I just had to post here because it made me smile: From a 9/20/06 entry– I had an interesting moment … Continued

Grasping at Clouds

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Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you’re just grasping at clouds? Like you are trying and trying and trying to get something done, but no matter what you do, it just keeps slipping between your fingers? … Continued