screen shot of the app page for the Jigsaw HD app.

I am OBSESSED with this jigsaw app!

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So I am on a serious book binge this past year or so…I set myself a goal of 50 books for last year and met it…so I made a goal for 2022 of 100 books! And I am THOROUGHLY ENJOYING the challenge! According to Goodreads, I am 5 books ahead of my goal!

So while I am listening to audiobooks every day, my ADHD brain needs something to do with my hands…and I love puzzles. I can focus on the story at the same time as doing a puzzle. But we don’t have the space in our house right now to set up a physical puzzle. So I found some jigsaw puzzle apps. After using several that were ok, I came across this one…just called “Jigsaw HD” in the app store. (iOS)

I LOVE THIS APP! Not only does it have the ability to flip pieces and makes a satisfying “snap” when you find a match…but there are LOADS of free puzzles! You can get free ones regularly through their Facebook page and just in their daily free puzzle section on the app! Plus packs of puzzles are only a few dollars…I don’t often buy them since there are so very many awesome free ones, but every once in awhile I find a set that has some awesome ones I just have to have.

So this is my latest obsession…laying on the couch, doing puzzles while listening to a good audiobook. Right now I’m listening to Outlander.

I look forward every day to my book and puzzle time! It’s such a comfort during some very stressful times.

I’m really a mom

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I was going through some old journals of mine tonight, looking for something, and I came across this entry that I just had to post here because it made me smile:

From a 9/20/06 entry–

I had an interesting moment today: I was mixing cookie dough w/a toddler on my lap, one boob hanging out cuz I had just finished nursing him, baby sticking a spatula in my mouth to lick, (5yr old) Maeven telling me “Mommy watch!!” skipping around the kitchen—My thought: “Oh yeah, I’m really a mom!!”

The images I used for this post are from the same month that this entry was written.

Grasping at Clouds

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Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, you’re just grasping at clouds? Like you are trying and trying and trying to get something done, but no matter what you do, it just keeps slipping between your fingers?

Yeah. One of those days here. Weeks even. Months? I keep feeling like I’m taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.

I can’t seem to get my brain in focus today to get the stuff done that I want to get done. So I thought I’d take a break and blog a bit and see if I can clear my head. I’m not on my ADHD meds today so that definitely has something to do with it. But I had physical therapy today halfway through the day and I don’t like to take them on these days. It feels like a waste. If I take them before I go, I will get interrupted and have to leave while I’m in the middle of a roll (and that is SO HARD to get started again!) And if I wait until I get back to take them, it’s really too late in the day at that point.

Ah well. So I’m trying to work unmedicated today. It’s not really that big of a difference since I am on a new med (Ritalin wasn’t really working for me so I asked to try Adderall) and it’s on the very lowest dose and not really helping me yet either. But it is better than nothing.

Anyway, I do feel like in general that I’m making great progress on Tina’s Learning Adventures lately. I’ve been busting my ass, working endless hours on it. But it still isn’t bringing in any money. Not even paying for itself yet.

But I’m NOT giving up! I think about all those authors and actors and singers (etc…) that say that if you’re not being told “no” you’re not trying hard enough. Or however the saying goes. You know, the thing about how many publishers rejected JK Rowling before she was finally picked up. That sort of thing.

I KNOW that what I have to offer is amazing and that I can help so many homeschoolers. I already have! A LOT. And what I have created and am creating on my site now is the next level and can do so much more…and could actually help our family out financially as well. It’s time.

I just have to keep on keepin’ on. It’ll happen. Eventually. I’m not giving up. I KNOW I can make this work and it’ll be AMAZING. Someday. I just hope that someday is before our tax refund runs out.

Time feels like it’s just slipping away

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I have a migraine again. I rarely get them these days, and I have had 2 now in the span of a week. It drains me.

This pandemic just is endless. The days seem to just fly by and yet nothing ever changes.

And our financial situation keeps getting worse and worse and now I’m at the freaked out stage where I’m frantically trying to make money…Trying not to be too stressed. And the only reason I think I’m not is that I’m on anti-anxiety meds already.

I still KNOW that we will get through this. I KNOW this. But it sure is hard while living through the rough patches.

I also know that others have it way worse and at least we are still healthy and with a roof over our heads, etc etc. But right now I can only focus on trying to do whatever I can to keep myself together and focus all my energy on my business and getting it making money. I don’t know how long this is going to take, but I have been working endlessly on it.

Every waking hour that I can, I am working on my website. It’s coming along so well! I am very proud of all that I’ve gotten done on it! And I just wish I could share with more people! I KNOW I can help so many people! If only I can just make myself known to the right people that need me and can afford to pay me.

It’ll happen…but it’s just taking so damned long. And time just keeps on slipping away and I feel like life is just whizzing by. I’m already 50. I’m probably over halfway through with my life! I know I still have many years, but I want to get this to the point of being successful so I can actually ENJOY my life before my body starts to break down!! And there is SO MUCH I have never been able to do with my kids and my husband that I still want to do…like travel. And live somewhere pretty. In a nice house.

Some day.

I’m just depressed so much these days. I have to focus hard on working on my website to keep myself from sinking too deeply into depression. It works for a time, luckily. It’s situational depression, I’m pretty sure. And if we can just get ourselves out of this awful mess, I’ll be fine again.

*SIGH* Ok, back to work.