A day off

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On my days off…true days off…the days that I don’t have other commitments like doctor’s appointments or meetings…I try to get a lot of work on my personal projects done. And housework. I’m best in the morning. Which is weird because I didn’t used to be a morning person. In my previous life…prior to motherhood…I was a nighttime person. But during my 22 years at home with kids, not working outside the house, and not having any alarms to wake me up in the morning (other than children), I guess I developed a different routine. Well, routine isn’t the right word since I can’t really do routines. My ADHD brain is strongly averse to anything routine. But I did change. A lot. And one of the ways that I have changed…probably also because of age…is that I actually LIKE mornings now. ONLY IF I can wake up on my own. Not to an alarm or a commitment.

So today I am off and on fire to get stuff done. I started with some kitchen cleaning. You can read more about that in my latest Instagram post. (Using the same image as here on this post…because I don’t want to have to think about coming up with another image here. I got stuff to do!)

Now I am posting this quickly because I just feel like it…and then I’m off to work on my revamp of FresnoFamily.com. I REALLY need to get the revamp live on the actual site, since the current one is pretty broken. I discovered yesterday after sharing the link with someone asking about things to do in town that not only is the homepage messed up but there are also no links in the actual listings that are working. The entire block that is supposed to be links to websites and socials is missing. And darned if I can figure out how to reactivate it. It’s time wasted. I tried for a bit yesterday…but the reality is that my time is better spent working on the revamp. Spending hours trying to figure out how to reactivate a section of the old site that will be completely done away with as soon as I get the new one done is just distracting me from getting the revamp done! SO FRUSTRATING!

I had hoped it would just be a simple toggle to turn on or a check box I missed somewhere. But no. At some point when I was going back and forth between themes some months ago when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the site, I broke something. And since I’ve not working on that site for some time, I don’t remember how to do much with the current theme and plugins anymore.

The current (old) site has a different theme and plugin for the directory and it’s very complicated and that’s part of why I am ditching it. I had to pay for years for that directory plugin and I cannot anymore. I found one I actually think I like better and is free. At least for now…I may need to upgrade later…but first I need to get the site a big following again.

That site has existed since Jan 2001 and had quite a following back in the day! But I neglected it over the years as my kids grew and my projects changed and my interest in it waned. But now I am super passionate about getting it back up and functional and popular again! SOOOO…now I must stop writing here and GET TO WORK on it!!

End ramble. 😄

Finding a way out of the bleh

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Today I woke up still exhausted (despite sleeping ok…better than I have been lately) and just bleh. Depression, overwhelm…the yucks. So after laying in bed for awhile trying to find my energy and drive, I finally got up. I took my ADHD meds and made myself some eggs for breakfast. I’ve learned I REALLY need to make sure I have protein daily now…I just feel awful otherwise. Not eating well lately and I have been feeling it.

I started to feel better moving to the big room (garage conversion where my computer is.) And having fresh air coming in the windows also helped, plus my meds appeared to be finally starting to kick in and give me much needed dopamine. If you’re not aware, ADHD is a dopamine deficiency, among other things. Hence stimulants really help to make me feel more normal. A deficiency of dopamine feels awful.

Then I didn’t yet feel up to doing anything yet, so I went looking on Steam for games on sale…just to get a bit of happy to the start of my day. My husband says doing things like playing video games helps him fill his happy meter so that he can do other things. So true for everyone in this house. I have been trying to keep a close watch on myself lately and listen to what my body needs. Like protein. My body tells me a lot now that I’m older and susceptible to more things affecting me physically…and I’m more aware now that I really need to pay close attention.

Anyway, I found this adorable little game, Carto…currently on sale for just $6.99 on Steam. Quick download and install so it clearly isn’t particularly big, which I needed because my computer has very little space left on it.

Then I started playing and felt like I needed some music while I play…instantly started listening to Richard Marx, which is happy music for me. Takes me back to my last days in Jersey, in the late 80s. Good times. Great feels from Richard, always. I am totally enjoying listening right now, singing along.

So now I had to pop over and post this because I have to say that this has helped SO MUCH! And if you need a cute little game to help you out of a funk, get Carto while it’s on sale! Highly recommend! So cute and fun!

Days off

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It’s HOT. Fresno summers are excruciating. Regular triple digits. Though it has been less triple digits in a row this year…it’s still HOT.

My ADHD brain just had to see the temps from this summer out of curiosity…here’s what I found:

A very mild June
Fairly typical scorching July
Weird up and down Aug, but still a lot of HOT
10 day forecast as we go into Sept…dropping temps look promising

And I work at a store part time that has awful, ineffective AC. So I am always quite hot, which makes me physically exhausted. And I’m 52, so my body doesn’t bounce back quickly anymore.

I have 3 days “off” (though I have work from home to do for my other job), and my body needs the rest. Seriously. My body has been telling me…screaming at me lately…that I need to let is recover from the heat and soreness from work. I’m just tired and I usually listen to my body. So I am not jumping up to get on the computer yet to do my work even though I have loads to do. My body needs to rest.

So I am sitting here listening to this fantastic book series I discovered at work…The Unwanteds. And playing one of my favorite game apps, a jigsaw puzzle game.

This one:

My absolute favorite puzzle app! Well worth upgrading to get rid of ads!

It helps me relax and rest.

I need it.

Life has changed A LOT

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Last time I posted I mentioned that I got 2 part-time jobs: Fresno Discovery Center and Barnes & Noble. I have now been working at both for about 8 months. I still love both of them! (Although there are many times I am EXHAUSTED!)

Surprisingly, even after 22 years of being out of the workforce, it didn’t take me very long to get used to being at a job again. And the fact that things are constantly changing, with me going back and forth between 2 jobs…never the same thing for long…I have managed to not get bored yet! This was always a major issue for me in my past life, working a 40-hour work week at one job.

AND both jobs each offer their own fairly varied work on any given day…so my ADHD brain has been happy.

There are definitely times that I wish I didn’t have to work so much…but there tends to be plenty of time off spread throughout my schedule…often a rough, very busy/hectic week is followed by a slower one. So it’s been working out quite nicely!

Adam is still looking for full-time work but is getting a little freelance work here and there. Not enough for us to not be financially strapped, but it helps. And I know it will get better at some point. For now, my income has been mostly helping us pay the bills fairly regularly.

It’s not perfect, but it’s going better than it has since Adam’s unemployment ran out and things got scary for a while there.

I’ve settled into my new life and am starting to finally get back to working on my websites. I am currently in a hyperfocus working on FresnoFamily.com. (It’s rough looking right now because of this.) It’s going to be getting a complete overhaul again…found some new plugins to make it all snazzy again!

And I took down Tina’s Learning Adventures because it was costing me so much in annual fees for the paid plugins I used on it…and I wasn’t getting anything out of it since I stopped working on it ages ago. I lost my steam on that project, so I backed it all up and pulled it all down off the web. I still have the backup files and the domain so if I decide I’d like to go back to it at some point, it won’t be an issue. But for now, it’s a relief to have it off my plate and the fees no longer to worry about.

I’m not sure where that leaves my planned podcast project, since it was going to be called “Tina’s Learning Adventures.” I still would like to do a podcast again…just haven’t been able to find the time or energy to get that going. FresnoFamily.com is more important right now since it has a whole lot more done on it already (since it’s been a site since Jan 2001! Check out the archived pages to see how much it’s changed over the years! I love looking back at all that!) I’m now thinking that maybe I want to do a podcast that has more than just homeschooling info (though I still would like to do that)…maybe something with books, since I’m immersed in that world now and I’m LOVING it so much! Working in the kids’ department, I find so MANY great kids’ books!

I am absolutely obsessed with reading (rather, LISTENING) to books for the past couple of years…and that certainly hasn’t changed since I started working at a bookstore! I find new reads CONSTANTLY! My TBR list is HUGE and grows daily! I’m on track to read another 100 books this year again! (I read 107 last year!)

One thing I haven’t written about and I don’t feel like writing about it here now…my dad died on December 10 last year. And my mom is in the process of moving to New York state to live near my brother and his wife in a senior community she fell in love with when she recently went to visit. So many feelings and I’m not in a writing-about-my-feelings kind of mood right now, plus I have work to do on FresnoFamily.com today, so it can keep to another day.

That’s all I feel like writing today so I am going to close this out and publish so I can have a little time to work on my website project before I have to go to physical therapy, where I’m getting work on my hips. Toodles!