big room FINALLY underway!!

our “big room” is FINALLY getting fixed up! for anyone reading this (like anyone really ever does, LOL) that doesn’t know about the big room…its our garage conversion that is our big play room/”school” room that we’ve been without since last year when it got all torn up to get rid of the toxic mold that was all over it. long story, but it all started with me forgetting to turn off a hose that i was watering the flower bed outside the room…flooded the room…activated dormant toxic mold spores in teh room…yada yada yada…thousands of dollars and LOTS of work and inconvenience later….room all torn up and we didn’t get around to doing anything with it for going on a year now.

anyway, fast forward to now…

recently we’ve had the opportunity to have a family member help us work on the room. adam and i really had no idea where to begin…so the ball got rolling again when the “big pickup” was happening in our neighborhood and it gave us a date to get the old panelling out. so rob and adam worked on sunday for a couple hours and tore all the old stuff out and then later in the week rob was able to come over and help us start to rebuild! it SOOO exciting!

that room was in decent shape before…but definitely old and ready for some changes…but we never would have been able to get to it with all the other repairs that are needed on our house. the toxic mold situation forced us to deal with that room and i think it might all work out for the best! i’m really excited to get a new room!!

so this week that room has gotten all the insulation put in and a new air conditioner installed!! the room has ac, but it doesn’t work very well…the unit on our room, we think, just doesn’t have the power to cover the whole house so by the time it gets to the big room its pretty pathetic in teh cooling department. so adding a wall ac was just brilliant, i think…now we can spend time in the room even in the heat of summer! used to be when the temperatures got too extreme we would just avoid the room…so much of the year the room was unused since so much of the year is HOT, and a fair amount is cold. well now we have ac and i’m going to get a space heater for winter! yay!

rob also replaced some broken outlets and a bunch of other little repairs. its so exciting to see the room start to come together again! now we just need to get another chunk of money to get more supplies. we’re currently out of “house money.” ugh, what a pain. we had a LOT before, because of the loan we took out last year…and it got chipped away with very little going to the house. :( but we have a couple things that should be coming in soon (hopefully) and its ALL going to that room.

next we are going to replace the windows and the back door! i can’t believe how exciting this all is! the panelling will be after that, i think…and once the walls are put back together we can get the carpet done. we’re also talking about putting ceiling fans in. that room is gonna be friggin awesome!!! i can’t wait for it to be all done!!

i have plans to start up my mommy and me classes again once the room is ready…so i’m really excited!

we’re also working on the yard…the sand pit is all done (just needs some more sand) and i am working on that side concrete area…have some ideas for that!

its so nice to have our house finally coming together. this house is such a fixer-upper…it is an amazing feeling to finally get things started going to work towards making it a better place to live! :)

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    PRETTY new layout! I kept meaning to get over here to peek, but updating my blogroll finally kicked my butt hard enough to get me here, LOL!! I am spoiled by my feedreader, ;)

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