back to routines & schedules

i’m back working on a routine again. haven’t gotten past the planning phases yet, but i dug out my old checklist i made awhile back and looked over it again. i do that from time to time when a blog entry makes me think of it again. and since the lazy organizer is talking schedules again, i thought i’d think about mine again. give it another shot.

i know how important it is to have a schedule for your children, but damned if i’ve ever been able to sustain one. this checklist i made awhile back is really quite good. i’ve done a little tweaking of it (it still had a nap for tyr on it, that’s how old it is! he hasn’t napped for like 2 years!) and i’m going to give it a shot again.

one thing that i can feel proud of lately (because i’m learning to hold onto these little moments of pride, since i fail so often at domestic duties, i gotta hold onto something!)…we have NOT fallen back into eating in the living room again. woohoo! go us!

its really odd…i find that things are really hard to change for a really long time and many attempts, but then all of a sudden something will just click and it will work. NO idea what makes it suddenly click, but for some reason i have been able to be adamant about not eating anywhere other the kitchen. despite the whining that they want to watch this show or that show or its too hot in there…i’ve been very firm about it and they’ve not really fought me on it. really a shocker. and of course, adam’s wanted that rule for awhile so he’s happy.

this seems to be the pattern for me. i wish i knew what it was that made things all of a sudden just click for me, but that’s how its worked out for me with many things that i’ve finally accomplished after many failed attempts. if i knew the secret word to make them just finally click, i could solve so very many issues in this house! LOL!

anyway, we’ll see how it goes…i don’t want to get my hopes too high, but then who knows? maybe this will be the time when things finally click. i know that assuming i’ll fail just sets me up to fail…and i already feel pretty dang down on myself for all the stuff in my daily life that i feel like a failure at. but i am not a quitter. i will forge onward! and someday i’ll figure out how to get more things to work the way i want them to…and if i don’t, then i’ll learn to let go of my high expectations and just go with the flow. either way, it will all get solved, somehow.

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