back from marine world

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i will not call it six flags discovery kingdom…it just doesn’t stick in my brain. LOL! they need to stop changing the darn name!

anyway, we left sunday afternoon (much later than planned, of course, as always) and stayed overnight at a vallejo motel 6, got up in the morning and went to the park and NO ONE WAS THERE! it was like 9:30am and we thought they opened at 9. so then i was worried cuz we were LITERALLY the first people there and i thought if they opened at 10, that there should be people there! early homeschoolers, people setting up the park, etc…but NO ONE WAS THERE! we drove right into the parking and there wasn’t any way to pay for parking cuz of no one there…so my dad walked to the entrance and found some workers finally while we sat in the parking lot scratching our heads and double and triple checking our tickets (yup, right date, but no time on them)…one other family arrived and was as confused as us…they had just heard of it and drove out from sacramento so didn’t really know for sure that they had the right day/time either.

finally dad found out that they didn’t open til 11. ok so phew! so we were the first ones there. adam ended up having to drive back around to pay for parking when they finally had people at the gates. but we just hung around til they opened, no biggie.

what a fun day though! we talked to a worker there at one point and he said there were like 2000 people there! but they normally have around 5 or 6000…so he was bored, with not much to clean up, lol! they didn’t have everything open, but they didn’t have a lot closed either…i think they only had one of their big roller coasters open though…so that was probably disappointing to the olders. there were a lot of groups of teens wandering around. i was thinking…how cool that would be for maeven and tyren when they get older. i would feel much much safer with them wandering the park when it was homeschool day, with not so many people there and presumably not all the weirdos that there might normally be. not that there aren’t any weirdos that homeschool, LOL! i’m sure there are! there are all kinds of people that homeschool! but i don’t know, it just feels safer when its a small private party like that. people that are MY people. 🙂

dang it! i was going to add some pics to this entry but the stupid rechargables are dead and i don’t have any other batteries for the camera. damn rechargables never hold their friggin charge! argh! so much for trying to save the environment!

well i’ll post pics later.

anyway…so we spent the day at marine world (six flags) in vallejo and had a blast, as always. tyren was so funny cuz initially he was really scared of the rides. we went straight to thomas town (he’s crazy about that train!) and thought he’d be thrilled to ride on thomas but nooooooooooooooooooooooo. he was really freaked out! so i didn’t force him and then he watched me and maeven go on harold the helicopter and a bus ride too…did NOT want anything to do with them! but he wanted to stay in the gift shop and play with the thomas trains all day!

so then we took him to their looney tune playground and he played on the structures for awhile and saw the looney tune train go around a bunch of times and finally decided he wanted to go on it. went on it, had a blast, and the rest is history…we went BACK to thomas town (it wasn’t far) and he went on thomas and harold and threw a fit when we had to get off!! LOL!

the rest of the day he didn’t want to leave anything. had to go on some rides over and over. oh he LOVED the “hoppy frog”…he went on that with daddy while the rest of us watched the tiger show, which he wasn’t interested in. then back on it again with me when the show was over…that was a fun ride!

anyway, so we stayed til they closed and just had a really nice time. then the next day we couldn’t leave right away to go home cuz the “check engine” light had come on in the van on the ride up to vallejo the first day so my dad had made an appt at a local honda dealer to have that checked out…so the appt wasn’t til 1pm so we had to kill time…found a park and played there for HOURS while my dad took the car in. found out that the damn thing was messed up and so we had to get a rental to replace it to go home in. by the time we were FINALLY ready to leave town it was like 5pm. *sigh* so we got home right around 9pm. not too too bad cuz i was worried tyren would sleep the whole way and be up all nite…but he only slept like a little over an hour in the car and then watched dvds the rest of the way.

the kids were all cranky and tired (especially maeven) by the time we got home but went to bed pretty easily in the scheme of things, once we were all happily home. so all in all it didn’t go too bad.

glad to be home! but now we have no transportation! the van won’t be ready til like thursday, when my dad will have to drive out there to get it back! fun stuff.

and we are back to normal life again and happy to be here. 🙂

vacations are always fun but always nice to come home from. 🙂

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