emotional wreck

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i don’t know if its the migraines or the hormones or what…but it seems like lately i’m just an emotional wreck. everything stresses me out…i had a breakdown yesterday…i am not a cryer…not even a whole lot when my son … Continued

OW my aching HEAD!

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2 migraines yesterday…not one, TWO!! then i’m pretty sure i got another while i slept last nite. knocked me on my ass all yesterday…most of the migraines i get these days are usually quite mild…not yesterday. my head STILL hurts … Continued

OK so i suck, LOL

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i’m not so good at this blog stuff…i am real good at writing to my egroups and my own personal journal, but can’t seem to find the time for this darn thing. lol. well i’m going to start trying again…let’s … Continued