another happy HO-HO-HO day :)

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had another really great xmas! what a nice time with family! we spent most of the day here, although that wasn’t planned that way…we planned to stay here til after tyren woke from his nap. my parents and brother came here to be with us after we had a little time just the 4 of us…then they came and brought presents and food. we hung out and opened presents and really enjoyed each other’s company…

then tyren took his nap and everyone slowed down and a few more of us napped a little (me and dad, lol) and then mom started lunch and it took longer than expected…so when tyren woke up we still hadn’t eaten. so by the time we got the food on the table and sat down to eat it was pretty late, like after 3pm…then hanging out and eating and then adam’s mom came over to eat with us…it was a really nice time though. we really were enjoying ourselves…finally got out the door to go to adam’s sister’s house at like 6pm…MUCH later than we had planned….but we hung out there a couple hours and that was nice there because by then it was a small intimate crowd.

and as far as presents…wow! we got some really really great ones! with the exception of a few duplicates and a handful of “uhoknotsurewhyigotthis” gifts, lol, there were some really neat things we all got…particularly the kiddos! 🙂 now i just have to find homes in the house for all this…my goal for this week is to start weeding through it all…sorting out the giveaways and take-backs (not many, luckily!) and finding stuff we already own that we can get rid of to make room…this could be fun if i look at it the right way and i’m going to do my darndest to not make it stressful experience for any of us. maeven really hates decluttering so i have to figure out how to try to include her in this without her feeling traumatized by getting rid of her old stuff…*sigh* not an easy task. not even sure i can do it…but i’m gonna try! i need to teach her about decluttering…she NEEDs to see/feel the value of it. so….we’ll take babysteps towards that this week. see how it goes. 🙂

ok off to do some more work while i can!

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  1. Ms. Doe

    I totally thought about you for Christmas! I had Seren all day, and all we did was hang out then go to the movies. We totally should have hung out. (Did I just invite myself?) Anyway…You should just make me apart of your family. 😉

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