another babyfest over, yay!

and it went really well! but i knew going into this that this was my last babyfest. i figured out about a month or so ago…maybe earlier even…that i just don’t have it in me anymore. it’s time for me to move on.

this year, for the first time…i was able to be ok with the idea that if i step down there might be no one to take it over. and it might die. up til now i’ve not been ok with that. i felt i worked too hard on it to let it die.

but this year something just changed in me. it was necessary for this to happen. i couldn’t step down if i needed it to keep going.

now it may not die…i’m in the process of seeking out a few possible people to take it on. i don’t know what they’ll say…i’m hoping they’ll take it over. someone suggested to me that i ask Childbirth Resource Networkto take it on, so that’s what i’m doing. i think its a great idea, if they’ll do it! 🙂

we’ll see what happens…but at this point…i’m ok with it dying, if that’s what happens. we had a great run! and i learned a LOT!

i am now going to put my energy into other things. including first and foremost, my family! i’ve been enjoying my family this weekend…even got time to enjoy the fest yesterday with my kiddos! it was really amazing! normally i run around during the whole fest with this that and the other thing that i find that needs doing. but not this fest. this fest i just decided nope, not doing it…i’m going to take my kids to bounce when they want to bounce (bounce houses)…and to play with bubbles as long as they wanted (well until i started to realize how late it was and they hadn’t eaten yet…then i dragged them away to eat)…and we really had a great time! i even watched them in the maze and just let them have fun. enjoyed the entertainment a little (LOVE the jammies!) and just really tried to not run around like a madwoman. plus it helped that i had to be in charge of the kids most of the time because adam had to run off to do a wedding halfway through the fest. and my parents were manning the raffle table, and my brother was doing photography. (he said he took like 900 pics! wowee!) so i needed to watch them, but i was really ok with that. in previous ones i kept passing the kids off to adam…and he got really irritated with me over it. because i also wanted him to get footage of the fest. but this time i gladly took them, and we really enjoyed the fest! 🙂

anyway…i spent a good part of this morning working on some brainstorming for the next TDC event…and keeping in mind that i DON’T want to run around like a maniac anymore. its always insane just before babyfest and i really don’t want that anymore, so i’m trying to keep all that i’ve learned from babyfest in mind as i brainstorm this new event that TDC is wanting to do this summer. we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

it seems like this usually happens after babyfest…i get a burst of energy to brainstorm for new ideas…usually for babyfest, but this year a new event. 🙂 weird, but its pretty much the norm for me, LOL!

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