and the rain rain rain came down down down

it poured rain all day today. and we still have furniture outside. *SIGH* luckily i covered it up with tarps…UNluckily, the last rain had wind with it that moved some of it from an entertainment center that’s out there and one side of it has been exposed ever since…LUCKILY its a piece of crap that we got handmedown from a neighbor moving, but UNluckily i don’t have enough bookshelves for all my books without it.

and UNluckily, the other 2 shelves that are out there are sitting in puddles. ARGH ARGH ARGH.

why is my furniture outdoors, you may ask? remember my mold situation? hmmm, that doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of info on it…well ok so here’s the brief rundown….

our garage was converted to a family room. and apparently the flower bed on the front of our house (front of that room) was added later WITHOUT putting any sort of barrier between the dirt and the wall. so one day a few months ago when i forgot to turn off the hose (the batteries for the timer for the soaker hose had died so i just made a, useless, mental note to remind myself to turn it off after about an hour. haw!) …i drenched the flower bed for like 14 hours. the next morning i realized it was still on and frantically turned it off but the room was under water. ok not UNDER water, but the carpet slushed.

so we sucked the water out and got some help later to dry it out and when the walls wouldn’t dry they took off part of the dry wall and discovered mold. this started the toxic mold nightmare that we still haven’t recovered from.

the mold took over that entire wall and our insurance wouldn’t pay for it because it was old mold (pre-existing), so we had to pay out of our window money (money we had taken from our mortgage to replace our 50+ yr old single pane windows with dual pane) about $4500 to fix that mold situation. the guy that tested our mold said it was the highest mold count he’d ever seen in all his experience (and he wasn’t a young guy) and it was the 2 most toxic kinds. so that room was blocked off for months as we dealt with it. and we had to wear a face mask to go in there.

everything had to be pulled from the room and bagged. and we still have it all bagged because we can’t put it back in yet because even though the mold is gone, there’s carpet and dry wall gone too and carpet tacks and exposed outlets in there.

sooooooo…there’s stuff outside. we brought the oak shelves in and most of the bags of stuff i crammed into our shed (lots of books)…but there’s still some bags out there and several shelves that i hope aren’t going to be unsalvagable. we’ve no place to put them right now. well i guess we could wipe them down and bring them in but its a royal pain in the ass and we’d have to move them back out again to replace the carpet and the walls anyway, so i had hoped it would stay dry out there. but nooooooo. of course not.

and now we are just about at the end of our money and not only do we not have our windows or any money left to even attempt to do any…but we don’t know if we will even have the money to redo the entire room. so we are trying to figure out how to do some of it ourselves…but the holidays are upon us so its all on hold. again. *sigh*

i hate hate hate being in limbo! there’s been stuff in bags piled up next to my side of the bed in our bedroom for literally MONTHS and i’ve had no access to the books and art supplies i like to use for our daily homeschooling and such and no space to play that is separate from our living space. the house feels so small without that “big room” (as we call it).

i’m hoping out of all this severe inconvenience that we will have a beautiful new room soon. its going to all be completely remodeled so it damn well better look good.

so frustrating on every level…and the WHOLE reason we had done the new mortgage in the first place was to get the cash out to fix up our house!!! and then this happens! money GONE!!! DAMMIT! i could friggin SCREAM!!!

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