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Very weird. I just found this email (below) in the archives on my gmail account when searching for something else. Very cool to read all these details about my life 6 years ago!!
Date: 7/6/06

Hi everybody! I thought it was time for a family letter to everyone since Tyren is now ONE YEAR OLD! Man time flies!!

First, let me tell you what our little guy is up to these days…

Not walking yet, but he is crawling all over the place…he didn’t start actually crawling until 11months, which surprised everyone because we thought he was going to be an early crawler…not Tyren. He needed to wait til he could do it right, apparently, lol! So now he’s hard to keep up with…God help us when he’s walking!

He also just started pulling up on everything…and is very proud of himself! Not quite cruising yet, but really looking like that might happen any time now. I’m expecting him to walk sometime in the next couple months too. Maeven didn’t start til 16months, so maybe he’ll be on his sister’s time frame.

He is starting to sound like he’s beginning to talk…nothing absolutely positively that we can say is him talking, but he does seem to say “mama” and he very clearly waves bye-bye and hello now…saying “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh” when he does it which sounds sorta like an attempt at “hi”. Very cute! He also claps his hands on cue whenever he sees or hears anyone else clapping, including applause on tv! Claps and says “AAAAAAAAA” (rhymes with yay) which sounds like he’s trying to say yay! Very adorable!

He’s grumpy as all hell when we stay home all day, which lately we’ve had to alot because of the heat and housework that is piling up and needs attacking…but when we take him out and about he’s such the cheery little guy. Everywhere we go people comment on how friendly and happy he is. Makes his mommy and daddy proud! 🙂

He’s still pretty bald, although he’s getting more hair…but its platinum blonde so its hard to see. So weird for me to have a blonde haired blue eyed child, but here we have him! How did this brown eyed mama end up with 2 blue eyed children? I thought brown eyes were supposed to be dominant? Well the blue-eyed daddy apparently won out. Not that I’m complaining…its just weird to me. 🙂  Tyren’s blue eyes are a very different color than his dad and sis. Daddy has very blue eyes, dark hair…Maeven has lighter and greyish blue eyes, dark hair…and Tyren has grey/blue/hazelish darker eyes and blonde hair. And of course there’s Mommy with dark hair, dark eyes…I’m the oddball. 🙂

Every time we see people we know everyone gives an opinion on who he resembles and everyone has different ideas on that…I’ve heard that the kids totally look alike, don’t look at all alike, Maeven looks like Daddy, Maeven looks like Mommy, Tyren looks like Daddy, Tyren looks like Mommy…so basically, who the heck knows? LOL!  Personally, I think Maeven looks a LOT like me and Tyren is a dead ringer for Daddy. Especially if you look at baby pictures of Adam. His son has the same face as he did at the same age basically. I’ll have to get some pics scanned and upload some side by side with Tyren’s so everyone can see.

Oh by the way, here’s Tyren’s blog:  and here’s Maeven’s:  Maeven and I work on her blog from time to time and I try to update Tyren’s periodically whenever there’s something new he’s doing. Now with our new camera we can even do little digital movies to upload! Way fun!

Now the rest of the family…Maeven is 5 and a half! Her birthday is in November and she’s quite the little attitude girl these days. Talking to my friends with 5yr olds, I guess its a 5yr old thing…but man, what a surprise because she never was so sassy before! LOL! But at the same time, she’s so fun and interesting to talk to. I just love the conversations I have with her! She’s so bright and insightful and has a massive vocabulary for a 5yr old (at least in this proud mama’s mind). She can read, but we haven’t worked on it in awhile since Tyren’s been such a handful…and the heat is overwhelming me so I just haven’t gotten back to the lessons…but once it starts to cool off and I have the house more in order my plan is to get back into the reading lessons again. Right now we’re just trying to survive the summer.

This fall I will begin officially homeschooling Maeven…I finally broke down and purchased a curriculum…I know I’m fully capable of creating one myself but with this very active and very needy baby I finally realized that I should make it easier on myself and buy something so that I don’t make more work for myself. At least for now…we’ll see how things go later but it might be best for us to start with more guidance that a boxed curriculum entails…get us off on the right foot. I chose Enki Education ( and am very pleased with what I’ve read so far. Its quite a deep, complex holistic educational philosophy…more than just a curriculum, it is a lifestyle…which is what I needed right now anyway…some guidance on creating and maintaining a rhythm to our day and our home life. If only I could find more time to read the books!

As for Mama…I’m just trying to keep sane these days…amazed at how much more work 2 children are and realizing that there just isn’t enough time in a lifetime to do all the things I’d like to do…and learning to drop things. My online businesses are being put on hold or reduced. I recently hired a chat manager to help me with Mommy Chats, which is my most lucrative money making business…I’ve put way too much work into that to drop it so I got help instead. My Mothering Magazine sponsored chats continue to thrive and I see an increase in traffic to that site constantly! Fresno Family is easy to put on hold because I don’t need to do much there these days since there’s already a lot of content…and it also has an amazing amount of traffic! I do have a plan and a partner that I’m working with to make a website-in-a-box to sell to people who’d like to create a similar website in their area…sloooooooowly working on that…I am hoping that will continue to help bring more much needed extra income in. And Tina’s Magic Cottage has been put on hold for now. I don’t know who I was kidding (myself apparently)…I just can’t launch a whole new business right now…so its on hold until something else goes. Right now my priority is my children, my husband and my house. In no particular order. LOL!  Oh and I’m now an author! Here’s the link for those that didn’t get the recent notice. Took me years to create that, but its finally done! Adam did the cover graphic for me from pics of my program when it was still operational…and it looks just fantastic!!

Adam continues plugging along at the video production business. Points out the commercials that he made everytime one comes up on tv. As usual he is doing an awesome job! (He really does great work, I’m not just saying that because I’m biased!) Working way too many hours though, in my mind…and for not enough money….but he loves his job. And it pays the bills. 🙂  Anyway and he continues to be a fantastic daddy! I always tell people I couldn’t have gotten a better daddy if I had special ordered him! He’s so great with the kids…plays with them for hours every day from the time he gets home from work til bedtime…and he does Maeven’s bedtime routine because I’m tied up with Tyren. Its really wonderful to see how loving and fun he is with the children. They adore him and so do I. 🙂

The latest from the Scott family is that my dad has retired from 37 years in the ministry and my brother and I decided to throw him a big formal hoopla. But right now my parents and brother are in Russia. Yes, Russia! For 3 weeks (and these are the longest 3 weeks of my life, I tell ya! Don’t realize how much you rely on people til their gone, of course!) they are touring Russia and working on a charity project with their church. Only one more week til their return and I am seriously counting the days! Then they come back and Dad is going to help us work on our house and relaunch his online wooden toys business.

Mom started working again, at Joanne’s Fabric and Crafts store…started because they needed to save a bunch of money for the Russia trip but she loves the job so much that she’s going to keep it. She demonstrates their sewing machines and embroidery machines and such…so basically she gets paid to work on sewing projects all day! Pretty good deal for her!

Tim (my brother, for those who don’t know him) just got his master’s degree in foreign relations and I’m not sure what his next step is…not sure he knows either actually…but he lives in San Francisco again and is, I think, very happy to finally get out of Fresno! LOL!  He was living with Mom and Dad while he worked on his master’s at Fresno State but I know Fresno is SO not his kind of town, so now that he’s back in SF he seems happier in that regard. His online business, Permanent Revolution Toys, continues to thrive. He makes money hand over fist, it seems! Thousands of customers! Man! I’m in the wrong business! Here’s his site for those interested:   I think he closed the online store while he is in Russia though…so check back in a couple weeks and see what he’s up to. He does an amazing job on his websites…I have a graphic designer work with me on mine because I know my strength is in content, not graphics…Tim, he’s good at both!

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