am i old??

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i say this amusingly…because i really don’t feel old. i can’t believe i’m now 36 (just had a birthday in nov)…not that 36 is old, but i don’t know, i just don’t feel 36. then again, some days i feel a hundred! LOL!

but i was just looking up some music on itunes and thinking about how i have no idea what today’s popular music is! i don’t listen to the radio at home ever and rarely in the car…and when i do listen in the car i listen to classic rock. (we always listen to cds…i don’t want to deal with commercials) i have no teeny boppers in my life on a regular basis to expose me to new music, so i just don’t know what’s going on in the world, popular music-wise. so funny to me because i used to be so on top of what was current. back in the day. when i was young. LOL!

so is this what happens when you get old? or shall i say….mature? that ends up sounding like an insult to those that are up on the popular music though…like if you know popular music you are IMmature and i don’t believe that by any means.

anyway i just think its funny cuz i just got a list from my sister in law of what her family wants for xmas and one of the things on one of the nieces’ lists was a cd by fergie…and the ONLY reason i have any idea who she is is that i saw a commercial on tv where she’s mentioned…but i haven’t a clue what she sings or anything. and i would hazard to guess all the popular music would be completely new to me. even madonna, who i happen to like. i don’t have a clue about her new stuff. although if its something that made it to commercials or in tv shows or somethign like that i may recognize it but wouldn’t know it was her.

so who do i like to listen to? same old thing, lol! and i don’t actually get that many opportunities to listen because we listen to a lot of kid stuff around here…welllll, not so much lately…maeven is more into “mommy music” lately so now i get to listen to my music. we mostly only listen in the car though….right now we listen to xmas music. i just recently bought the putumayo christmas cd and christmas with the rat pack. really awesome cds!

guess that makes me old now too…i like crooners now. back when i was a kid and my dad listened to frank sinatra, bing crosby, dean martin, etc etc etc….i didn’t like crooning. but now…old ager that i am…i really like them a lot! the christmas cd really is such a relaxing cd to listen to. i need to get some non-xmas crooners cds next.

and the putumayo cd…i just love international music. and i particularly love exposing my children to it. we really like teh world playground cd from putumayo that my mother in law bought me awhile back and fell in love with the putumayo series…so it jsut made sense to get the xmas cd. pretty good stuff! :)

so what do i listen to when its not xmas? indigo girls, van morrison, kenny loggins, india arie, simon & garfunkle, frente, that sort of thing…those are some of my favorites…but i also like lounge music…borrowed some from my brother who has an ENORMOUS music collection. i like jazz, all kinds really, though i don’t own any…i am starting to appreciate big band because of the crooners….and i will always love love love 80s pop. hell even country is starting to grow on me…although i don’t know that i’d ever say that i really liked it…just that it is growing on me.

the only music that i can’t stand still is rap. although, i have to say…some of the rap from the 80s wasn’t so bad. that’s when i fell in love with will smith (back when he was the fresh prince) and i just came across some of his music recently on itunes and i can handle his rap. there’s nothing disgusting, so far that i’ve heard, about it. and i just LOVE will smith the person. i’ve seen many interviews with him and he really seems like such a good, kind person.

i don’t get the whole appeal of the “gangsta” rap and the attitude and style that goes with that. to me that is just stomach churningly offensive and i don’t understand how anyone would want to emulate such a disgusting lifestyle. but to each his own. interesting that 99% of the time that you hear someone blasting music from their car (there ARE exceptions of course…), boom boom boom…rattling the windows of my house or car…that they tend to be playing some sort of raunchy rap music. not sure why they think the rest of the world wants to hear that garbage, and its beyond me why that is “cool”. i called it “rap crap” in the 80s as a teenager when it first came out and i continue to feel the same way about it now….it’s even worse now. and i especially do not want my children exposed to it. not the raunchy stuff. will smith is an entirely different story. well but i don’t know all his songs…some might be pretty bad too, but i haven’t heard but a couple of his songs. i just like him.

guess that makes me old. LOL! i just don’t get the “in” things, LOL!

  1. Troop 2449

    Some artists I like:

    Rascal Flatts
    Norah Jones
    Nelly Furtado
    Carrie Underwood
    Jack Johnson

    These are just a few. They all have GREAT music!!!!

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