ahhhhh cooler temperatures!

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FINALLY relief from all the gawd-awful heat! its been 2 days now of cooler weather! YAY!!! i can’t believe how much the weather affects me! well perhaps it affects everyone. but 2 days ago when the weather did a gigantic switcharoo (it was thursday, today is saturday…) we were playing outside at margaret hudson’s communal garden (we’re friends with her grandchildren) and halfway into our time there the clouds started forming and a very autumnal feeling breeze started blowing. suddenly, clem, 4yrs old, said something like “it feels like fall!” and he was right!

next day it was feeling cool most all day…we even went to the river (i think kings river?) and it was very pleasant, not hot! awesome!

i’m so getting in a better mood with this weather! now if only we could spend unstressful time outside…but noooooo….i have a toddler that wants to crawl around in the dirt and eat bugs and such. very hard to enjoy the outdoors. at the river he kept trying to crawl out to the middle of the river. screamed his head off when i redirected him to the shore. very very stressful and frustrating and finally i got tired of wrestling with him and we had to leave. *sigh* i hope we can ride out this phase…this is so not fun.

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