adventures in potty learning

tyren isn’t potty trained yet. he’s actually pretty good at going on the potty when he WANTS to. and all summer i let him go nakey butt so he could remember to listen to his body and he only had a couple accidents for quite awhile. he really didn’t even need me to remind him to go to the potty, as soon as he felt it, he just went, “oh no! i have to go potty!” and ran to the potty. i thought we had it made! i thought for sure in just a matter of a couple months we could say bye-bye forever to diapers.

i spoke too soon. he wouldn’t take it to the next step…he can’t remember to go to the potty whenever he has anything on his butt. underwear, pullups, diaper, pants…all get peed in equally. he’s not yet been able to figure this next stage out.

well i figured he would eventually. and i know he will still. but for some reason, a couple months ago he figured he’d had enough of this potty training garbage and didn’t want anything to do with the potty anymore.

so back to diapers because he wasn’t even remembering to go to the potty even when he was nakey butt. i didn’t really want to go through all the puddles i had with maeven (being naked rarely deterred her from peeing wherever she was, LOL!) and he just was flat out refusing to even think about the potty, so i backed off and gave him a break.

so its been a couple months now of back in diapers…i do bring up the potty a lot, here and there…reminding him that he’s a big boy and all that. but no go.

today i just forgot to get him dressed after changing his diaper and he was nakey butt for awhile and went on the potty again! no coaxing from me, he just jumped up (just like before) and ran to the potty when he had to go! pee and poop! woohoo!

ok so i don’t know that it will continue…but its a step at least!

i figure he’ll eventually just decide he’s ready and do it. physically i know he’s fully capable. its just a matter of him WANTING to do it!

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