a simplifying of birthdays has happened

just wanted to make sure to make note for all of those friends of our family that haven’t been invited to tyren’s birthday party. its not anything personal. i’ve just gotten to a point where i’m trying to simplify things and so i’ve narrowed down party lists greatly lately.

for one, we cannot afford party favors for 11-million kids anymore. for 2, i cannot fit 11-million kids and their families in my house anymore now that i have no big room to work out of (still under construction and there’s no end in sight.) true, we are doing things outside for tyr’s party but trust me when i say that adam’s family alone is a LOT of people, and we also add mine, and the birthday child’s closest friends…its quite a big event.

so i have been trying to limit the guest list (the children part) to a maximum of 10 children, including maeven and tyren. so that really means 8 guests that i plan activities and party favors for. this is totally doable to me.

but my kids know a lot of kids.

so i limit it to the children that have the most recent and/or strongest connection to my children.

this is a different group for each of my kids. there are always plenty of maeven’s friends at tyren’s parties because tyren spends just as much time with them and they all seem to love the tag-along brother (although maeven often does not.) but tyr has gotten a couple more friends lately, through classes he’s been taking, so his repertoire is slowly growing.

anyway, there ya have it.

so its nothing against you or your family if you weren’t invited. i just don’t have enough room.

its such a sticky situation, parties. who to invite, who not to invite. just didn’t want anyone to feel left out or feelings hurt. :)

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