a-purging we will go, a-purging we will go

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am i weird or what? i really like purging…i love decluttering…virtually and IRL. (that’s In Real Life, for you non-internet savvy folks.) the more the merrier! unfortunately i cannot seem to ever do enough and clutter keeps piling up…

but here i am this week purging my old chat users. people that haven’t logged into mommy chats chatware for 6months or more are getting a couple email reminders from me and then hasta-la-pasta! if they don’t respond, i’m guessing they’re not interested in chatting.

silly the little things that give me a boost…but i am so proud of myself for figuring out how to do this. i may seem super internet savvy to some…but really i’m just learning it as i go. all the stuff i know now i learned trial and error after years of experience. this latest endeavor i didn’t even know was possible until fairly recently. i didn’t even know i could export the user list from the chatware! then i looked in there and noticed that there was a column for “last signed on” (it downloads as a file i can open in excel)…and i was looking at HUNDREDS of users that hadn’t logged on in literally YEARS! i started the site the end of 2003…didn’t really pick up til 2004…i had people who hadn’t logged on since 2004! so needless to say i had a lot of users that had dead emails and hadn’t been back ever.

so i sent out some emails to let them know i needed them to log on or be deleted. pretty dang silly that something so trivial could make me feel so good, but i really was so excited to discover that i can email all the registered users…i’m going to figure out some ways to make good use of this at some point, but right now i’m just purging old users. i only want people on there that are staying current and regularly using the site. or at least interested still.

so anyway…purging away again! i had started this a few months ago then got sidetracked…but now i’m back to emailing those that haven’t logged on in months. i have purged up through august 2005. i am now contacting people that haven’t logged on since sept, oct, nov and dec 2005. once i get them to log on and make their account current i’ll start with the people from jan-mar 2006. i’m requiring the accounts to stay current. no bouncing emails and must have logged on at some point in the past 6months or out they go. hopefully this will help to keep things fresh and interesting.

and with fresh and interesting in mind…i’m also working with my new chat manager, juliet, to come up with new ideas to make the site more interesting and get people back into the chat rooms. things have died down recently and i needed someone new to come in and help me out with staying on top of things because i just don’t have so much time for it these days…but i’m jazzed with juliet’s enthusiasm and ideas and she is keeping me on top of things! i think we are going to come up with some really fun things! we already have a few things in the works…i just need to try to find more time!!! that’s always the problem…time…never enough of it! and then there’s my other site, fresno family. i have so many ideas for that too…just not enough time!

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