a new partnership!

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so i had this idea to create a website for rotary storyland/playland. they don’t have a website and they really should have one. i talked to my friend jen of four little ducks and she is willing to create the site with me. she’s a graphic designer…i’m good at content, she’s good at making it look pretty. :)

so i left a message on the voicemail of storyland/playland’s executive director (found the number in the phone book) this morning…and this afternoon he returned my call! he’s excited about it and so now i’m super excited!

i will be working with jen and the rotary club to create their website and then i will maintain it for them. i have all sorts of ideas. the best part is that it could be really great publicity for fresnofamily! storyland and playland have been in the news a lot lately because of all the problems they’ve been having with funding and so getting in on things with them, to help them out…could get my site in the news! and also they have agreed to link back to my site from theirs. so this could really help me out a ton! i really hope so!

i’m really excited to get going on this! jen and i are meeting with the executive director on tuesday morning…i am anxious to see where it leads! how fun!!!

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