a frugal xmas

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since we’re so tight for money this year i made a decision that the kids stockings were only going to be stuffed with items $1 or less items. of course that means i had to hit the dollar tree!

i made the decision to do school supplies because i remember how cool it was to get a stocking full of that sort of stuff one year when i was about maeven’s age. unfortunately some of the stuff that i got is not super cheap anymore. like dymo labelers. those are so cool but i couldn’t find anything less than $5 (i would have gotten them if they were like $2, but $5 is way over budget)

but surprisingly, i’ve found a lot of really cool things for about a dollar! not just at dollar tree!

at walmart, i found packs of tiny notepads, some cool pencil/sharpener/eraser sets, 88cent compasses in cool colors, and more! at dollar tree i found holiday pencils, a GIANT pencil (with its own sharpener), reindeer antlers (2pack! with bells!), glow-in-the-dark star wands (the kind you crack and they glow for a day…and they had tons of other glow stuff, but i didn’t want to go overboard), scotch tape, gel pens, keychain LED lights, and more stuff i’m forgetting…really cool deals!

so i think i have their stockings covered now…i just have to still do adam’s and figure out gifts for the kiddos. i decided that we should not spend more than $20 per gift for each kid (and each other, even though i went a little bit over for adam)…and i’m not really worried about meeting that, because there’s tons of great stuff for kids that is pretty cheap. but its just a matter of deciding WHAT to get!

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