2 weeks no church

ok so i’ve temporarily given up on the UU church. after having some correspondence with my friend who was also going there…and hearing that last week we missed out on smoothies and gack (NO idea how that is supposed to be tied in to anything religious, but i do hear the smoothies were supposed to be “healing potions”…uh, ok.) so i’m guessing we didn’t really miss much. maeven hasn’t mentioned wanting to go back…we were busy last sunday, can’t remember with what but i know we were gearing up for nana and bompa’s return from russia…

anyway, i posted on my mommy group looking for some church recommendation and received only one. i may check that church out but not sure yet. it is right around the corner from me though, so that’s good. i feel like i might do best just going back to a methodist church even though i am no longer christian. i have never had christianity shoved down my throat at a methodist church. but then again, i was christian when i was attending in the past, LOL…so that could account for that, hehe. no really, i know that methodists, at least united methodists…dunno if there are different kinds…but they tend to be very liberal so it might work out for us to go there.

what is it exactly that i’m looking for? well, someplace that i feel comfortable taking my children is top priority. at this point i’m not even looking for anything for myself. i want a place to take maeven where she can learn about god. the problem there is who’s interpretation of god? i may even check out the local quaker church…i’ve heard good things about that. our pediatrician attends there and its not very far from us.

i will also give the UU church another try again in the fall when they start their regular program. i’m just so completely unimpressed right now with what i’ve seen this summer. apparently i’m not the only one, from what my friend is telling me of her feelings on the subject as well. i had such high hopes for that church! i hope that its just a crappy summer program. maybe the regular program will be better.

so at this point its looking like i’m going to need to find several churches to be able to balance out the beliefs of one. to give a rounded view. i thought i’d be getting that at the UU church but apparently they’ve left god completely out of the equation. at least so far it appears that way.

i just really want a church that will be about god and not christ. i’m not a christian and i feel like a hypocrite taking my child to a church that holds beliefs that i don’t…but i suppose that would put me at a jewish synogague…which would be neat but also that feels like a more cultural thing than just religious. i do have a friend that’s jewish and i hear a lot of nonjews take their kids to the jewish day school locally…

but the thing with judaism would be that they follow the bible (well, a version of the bible) and i do not believe in the bible. i believe its a very interesting book, but not the end all and be all. not something to be followed to the T.

so perhaps there just isn’t a place for me. i thought the UU church was it but since they don’t seem to put any importance on god or teaching about god…perhaps i’m wrong…

i will keep looking for something for me and my children (adam doesn’t want anything to do with church at this point…its a personal issue that i don’t feel would be right for me to share publicly)…we’ll see what happens. maeven wants something. so i will keep looking.

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