2 recent funnies from my daughter

I like to share the funny things that happen around here so I can find them again to enjoy in the future…and maybe someone will also get a laugh out of them. 

My husband and kids are a riot. Here’s 2 more things that happened recently…these are from my 19yr old daughter who has apparently inherited my husband’s sense of humor. 


ME: *walking into the kitchen*  “So…..”

HER: “Frog”

ME: ??????

HER: “Oh, I thought we were saying words.”

ME: *reduced to hysterical laughter and tears* 


*title of the show we are watching splashes across the screen: “Defying Gravity”*

ME: *launching into my rendition of the song*  “That’s a great song!”

HER: “Not when you sing it.”

I hope these helped brighten your day as much as they did mine!

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