10 o’clock and no daddy :(

poor adam has been busting his ASS at work for the past 2 weeks. not only that, but during a time when he’s been in a lot of pain and has to still eat nonchunky foods because of the holes in his mouth where his wisdom teeth were pulled out a couple weeks ago. he ended up with a dry socket, so the healing process has been very painful and long. and his work is SLAMMED busy!

this whole week he’s been stressed to the max with deadlines. he’s been working at work all day and coming home and working all night in his office here. tonite i got an IM from him at about 5 saying he was going to be an hour later than usual, leaving work…then an hour later it was going to be another hour…and then it just kept taking longer (this has happened a lot, over the years, so i wasn’t surprised) and here it is 10pm and he says he’s nearly done, but time will tell. 🙁

i hate when he has to work like this…but i’m really sympathetic to how he’s feeling right now. he’s very dedicated to his work, and i realize its out of his hands, for the most part. he’s very good at what he does (he’s a video photographer/editor) and i am very proud of him. and i know he’s doing it for us. in his business, this sort of thing is quite normal. luckily it doesn’t happen all the time.

if he can just make it through tomorrow, he should be able to get back to normal, and not have to stress so much over deadlines and projects not working out to his satisfaction. he’s been so incredibly stressed lately that you can almost feel it radiating off him when he’s around us. 🙁

i’m just trying to not add to his stress.

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