Welcome to MY realm!

I have a lot of projects, mainly websites, each with a different, very specific focus. This is my home base. This is where you can find the links to all my projects, past and present. This is where I can just be me, however I am feeling like being. This is where I can blog about just anything I want to blog about and it doesn’t have to fit any particular focus. This is where I can share all the things that make me ME!

To see my current projects, see the image slider below. To see ALL my projects (past and present), click on the “Projects” link in the top navigation bar.

The images in the slideshow above are things I love or just images that make me happy when I see them.

My Latest Ramblings

A day off

On my days off…true days off…the days that I don’t have other commitments like doctor’s appointments or meetings…I try to get a lot of work on my personal projects done. And housework. I’m... READ MORE

Finding a way out of the bleh

Today I woke up still exhausted (despite sleeping ok…better than I have been lately) and just bleh. Depression, overwhelm…the yucks. So after laying in bed for awhile trying to find my energy and... READ MORE

Days off

It’s HOT. Fresno summers are excruciating. Regular triple digits. Though it has been less triple digits in a row this year…it’s still HOT. My ADHD brain just had to see the temps from... READ MORE

Life has changed A LOT

Last time I posted I mentioned that I got 2 part-time jobs: Fresno Discovery Center and Barnes & Noble. I have now been working at both for about 8 months. I still love... READ MORE

FINALLY some good news!

Our financial situation has been BAD for over a year now…well for years really, but REALLY BAD the past year…and continued to get worse all the time. Adam’s unemployment ran out, and we... READ MORE